Hug Day Importance and Meaning

Touch is a powerful language that we use for conveying warmth, affection, and trust. Our hearts are programmed to accept them as the prime form of intimacy and comfort. The week of love is coming close to its finale. People are waiting for Hug Day. People across the globe celebrate Hug Day to solidify your love for that person. You can also observe the event by sending Valentine’s Day gifts to Delhi and Hug Day Gifts to Delhi.

Importance of Hug Day

So gear up to share some long and loving hugs as we come closer than ever to Valentines’ day. After all, only a fool would refuse a Jaadu KI Jhappi cause the glory of a hug is unparalleled.

What is the Meaning of Hug Day

Since the different types of hugs could convey different meanings, it is safer to know the kinds of hugs and their significance.

Bear Hug

Coming closer and embracing your loved ones is worth a million words. This hug conveys reassurance. Remember when our parents hug us and all of our anxiety and stress just magically vanishes. A bear hug is between only those with whom we could share our deepest emotions. So go ahead and give a tight embrace to the people who made you feel safe when you felt lost.

Buddy Hug

A buddy hug is between peers. It is a sideway hug where only the shoulders of two people come in contact. This hug holds great importance as it conveys friendly affection and trust between two people. However, it may also express deep love paired with the friendship that sometimes words fail to express.

Back Hug

If someone hugs you from behind, it subtly sends a message of protection and trust. Only the closest people in your life would hug you from behind. Its warmth is unmatched, and if someone hugs you from behind, you feel that they have got your back. At the same time, you can hug someone from behind. You are ready to protect them at all costs.

Intimate Hug

An intimate hug is between lovers who do not shy away from some physical intimacy. It is a tight embrace where the bodies touch each other, and the two stand face to face. It is crucial to create compelling eye contact. We ensure that we do not need words to speak the language of love. We might feel the urge to run up to that person and speak our hearts out, but we constrain ourselves because of the absence of words. But do not worry anymore, go and give an intimate hug.

An average person needs at least eight hugs a day because of the happy chemical called oxytocin that rushes through our veins when we hug. So if you feel low and drained of positive energy, go and hug your loved ones. The day could be your excuse to meet as many people as you want. So in this season of love, let your emotions sore high, love, cherish, celebrate and enjoy the warmth of a good hug.

Happy hug day to you.

What is the importance of Hug Day?

Hug Day is the last day of Valentines’ Day week. The day falls on 13 February every year. The last day of the week outlines the importance of a warm hug in any relationship. In many societies in the world, the hug is a symbol of warmth in the relationship and personal bond.

How can we celebrate the Hug Day?

On Hug Day, you can give a warm hug to all those whom you love the most. Your parents, spouse, siblings, kids, and friends deserve a warm hug. If you are not with them, you can send Hug Day gifts to Delhi through Delhi Online Gifts.

How can I send Hug Day Gifts to Delhi

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