Sending Anniversary Cakes Made Simple with Online Cake Delivery Everywhere

With marriage also comes an expectation. Thus, on a big occasion like anniversary; the expectation of your spouse is sky-high. So, are you planning for some better arrangements, let us know it, nothing will do a trick better than a piece of cake. Suppose you are looking for anniversary cakes, then online bakeries are the platform.

No matter whether you’re looking for the designer fondant anniversary cake or luscious cake with the picture or cake with name, you will find all types of scrumptious anniversary cakes, which can take your big day to all new heights. There’re times when your spouse work or you are away on this big day. There can be the times when you did not remind your better half that she is on your priority list. Don’t think much because nothing will speak better than getting wedding anniversary cakes. So, re-load your love in your relationship with special anniversary cakes that gives you a choice to send the cakes online anywhere in India even though you’re sitting far away from your better half.

The websites have the worldwide reputation to be the best in the quality, taste, and delivery service. Here we are giving some useful tips in selecting the right anniversary cake you can deliver in Delhi or other parts of India.

Select Your Own Anniversary Cake Flavor

Anniversary Cake Flavor
Anniversary Cake Flavor

The flavor must suit the event and the nature of an individual. There is a wide range of choices for the anniversary cakes on websites. If any design isn’t satisfactory, there’s always the other option provided on the website to have the personal touch.

For How Many People And The Type of Cake

A person takes each minute detail to make anniversary cake delivery in delhi. If numbers of people are more, then it will be the embarrassment for the whole family. To order a cake is easy, but what type of cake is required Chocolate cake or Fruitcake of a right size?

Choose The Right Vendors for Your Anniversary Cake

Checking out their website can give more ideas and many anniversary cakes to grace your special event. It is very important that you choose the right vendor where you are ordering the cake and make sure they make delivery on time.

Know Your Budget

In recent times, there is a stiff competition that has forced a lot of businesses to give the best quality of products at very reasonable rates. It is good not to bargain, since the cake may get the right dressing, there’s, in a form of toppers, fruits, etc. The result of taking an initiative for a specific landmark must be fulfilled.

Placing A Cake Order

It is always good to order a cake before your anniversary date. In that way, a person will ensure that cake is made as per their requirement. An online company, instead of scrambling at the last minute, will breathe easier, and give the best service as well as design the cake in all the creativity and delivered at the right time.

The Best Gifting ideas to Strengthen Bonds

The action of offering a gift to someone is quite something. It shows a lot about your feelings for the other person. Gifts are often presented out of gratitude, friendship, love, etc and they come with a lot of emotion. When you’re presenting someone with a gift, you should always keep in mind that they should come from the heart and then you won’t have to think too much about what you will gift.
In this article, we will discussing some of the best gift ideas that can just make the other person’s day special. In Delhi and the other metropolitan countries, there are a number of online gift delivery services that have captured the market right now and are at large due to their extensive stock of flowers, cake, etc. Some of the best gift delivery in Delhi is,


Flower bouquet
Flower bouquet

One of the most gifted items among humans these days are flowers. A lot of people consider this to be an artificial sign of love but for someone who loves flowers, this act of love is quite special. Flowers come love, emotion and of course, beautiful smell.the online gift shops in Delhi host a number of options when it comes to flowers. Starting from roses to jasmine, you will find everything in the online retail website for gifts.

Chocolates Along with Diary


Another popular choice of a gift these days is a box of FerreroRocher with a cool-looking diary. This gift will be suitable for both men and women as who doesn’t like Ferrero Rocher. This is one of those gifts that one just cannot forget. Even if your loved one finisher the pack of chocolate quite easily, the diary will always remind him or her about you.

Premium Pen with Cuff Links


if you want your man to special by gifting him something, then the gift deliveries in Delhi are here to serve with their best combo gift for men. This combo comes with a classic premium pen along with a pair of cufflinks which will give the business class look to him and he won’t be able to thank you enough for this. Cufflinks are something which he can wear at a formal party or at a meeting and when this pair of silver ornaments is combined with a classic Mont Blanc writing element, what more can you ask for?



last but not the least, when you’re out of options but still want to make your partner or friend feel special on their birthday or any random occasion, then the wide range of cakes with even a wider choice of flavors will the best gift you can ask for.

Above were some of the gifts that you can ask for via online delivery. Since online retailing is at large right now, the gift options discussed here are fit for delivery purposes. Pick any one of these gifts now and make your friend or partner’s day special.

Indian National Sports Day: 29 August

Every year 29th August is celebrated as National Sports Day in India. This is the day when great Indian Hockey player Dhyan Chand was born and to celebrate his big and extraordinary achievements in Indian Hockey his birth date was chosen for the National Sports Day. Dhyan Chand is known for his excellent goal scoring talent as well for winning gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games of 1928, 1932 and 1936. In his overall career, he scored 400 goals of his life.

sports day of india
Sports day of India

The Celebration

The biggest celebration of National Sports Day is conducted at Rashtrapati Bhawan when the President of India confers awards like Major Dhyan Chand Award for lifetime achievement in sports, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Puraskar (given to the best player) and Dronacharya Award etc. to an eminent and great sports person.
India is well known for its love of sports and sports spirit of the players. The problems within sports institutions or sports federation have not deterred Indian Sports Players from outstandingly performing in big games like the Olympics, Asian Games or National Championships. The players work hard day and night just to better their performances and make the nation proud on these big platforms.

Reforms in Sports Structure

The Indian government is also bringing major reforms in the sports structure of the nation and trying to support players in the best possible manner. The recent initiatives like granting Rs 50,000 per month to elite athletes and establishing training centers for Para athletes is a welcome step. Revamped Khelo India Program, Sports University in Manipur, the constitution of sports steering committee or constitution of Olympic Task Force, Sports for All programs, etc. are some of the positive steps to bring in the focus to sports and games.
It is not a hidden fact that even after many lacunas in the sports development structure of India, players play their games not just to earn a living out of it but also because of an inherent love for sports. All great players like Saina Nehwal, Sachin Tendulkar, P V Sindhu, Baichung Bhutia, Mary Kom or Abhinav Bindra have carved out a niche for themselves just because of their love for their sports. The career has been carved out later on and builds on the foundation of success gained on big platforms.
And why only sports players, but every individual should adopt the habit of playing some basic games in their daily routine. Playing sports not only is the best way to keep fit yourself, but also has come out the best stress buster in the modern life. It not only burns the fat accumulated inside and make blood rush through every cell of the human body, but also helpful in emptying the brain full of negative emotions, thoughts and memories. There is an urgent need for Indian families to include the sports in their daily life routine and replace it with excessive use of mobile games, video games and the virtual digital world. Only then can India grow as a healthy and prosperous nation.

Top Ten Variation of Sweets as Gift on Rakhi

Do you wish to surprise your brother on the day of Rakhi? Even if your brother stays in a different city, it is possible to send Rakhi with gifts. Sisters wait for this day throughout the year. The sacred bond of love between both the brother and sisters will keep them connected throughout their lifetime. There are many gift options that you can consider for your sibling. But, sweets are one of the most liked items of many male personalities. You can now find such options in this content which can make your rakhi celebration special.

Top variety of Rakhi and Sweets Online

    1. Kaju Katli with Rakhi-
      Kaju Katli
      Kaju katli

      Kaju katli is one of the favorite items of sweets for many people around the world. This has the original flavor of Kaju nut. Along with 250 grams of this sweet, you will get Rakhi for your brother.

    2. Milk Cake with Rakhi-
      Milk Cake
      Milk Cake

      Milk cake is one of the varieties of sweets that is having some juice appearance once you put it in your mouth. It is also garnished with pistachios nuts at the top. A rakhi combined with this will be a great surprise.

    3. Motichur Laddoo with Rakhi-
      Motichur Laddoo
      Motichur Laddoo

      Motichur is the Indian chickpea flour made laddoo. People love having such ladoo as it has delicious taste. Indian homemade ghee is added to get a wonderful flavor. You will get two rakhis along with this.

    4. Gulab Jamun with Rakhi-
      Gulab Jamun
      Gulab Jamun

      If your brother loves having some juicy sweets, Gulab jamun will be one of the best one for him. You can send 1 kg of gulab jamun along with Rakhi to your Bhaiya who stays far. This rakhi with sweets can be a brilliant combination.

    5. Coconut Barfi with Rakhi-
      Coconut Barfi
      Coconut Barfi

      Do you want to gift an unusual sweet t your beloved brother? The coconut barfi will be one of the barfi options. It is regarded as one of the rare sweets in the market which is hardly found.

    6. Mewa Barfi with Rakhi-
      Mewa Barfi
      Mewa Barfi

      Mewa is made with the milk in condensed form. It tastes delicious. If you want to give a tasty gift to your brother, this is the one to consider today. If your brother stays in a different location other than your city, this gift with rakhi will remind him about you.

    7. Soan Papdi with Rakhi-
      Soan Papdi
      Soan Papdi

      The crunchiness of soan-papdi is one of the revolution in sweet manufacturing industry. The dry variety of sweet will become equally juicy once you put it inside your mouth. Human saliva in combination of soan-papdi will make it taste very delicious.

    8. Karachi Halwa with Rakhi-
      Karachi Halwa
      Karachi Halwa

      This halwa has a jelly-like appearance. You can also get different colors of Karachi halwa. Some are red in color whereas others are green. You can easily get this combination for your brother who stays far away from you.

    9. Rasgulla with Rakhi-

      This is one of the delicious sweet first invented in Bengal. The juicy white sweet can be a lovely gift for your brother on Rakhi.

    10. Atta ka Ladoo-
      Atta ka Laddoo
      Atta ka Laddoo

      Some of you may be very cautious about the health. They don’t wish to go for all combinations. Atta ka laddoo will be a healthy and good tasting sweet for those brothers.

15th August-Liberation, Freedom, Independence!

15th August holds a lot of significance for every Indian. It was on this day that we Indians were liberated from the cuffs of slavery. Sadly for many youngsters, Independence day is just another public holiday. It is a day when they can go for an outing and have fun with family. But for me, it means a lot. Probably because I grew up listening to stories about how my great-grandfather took an active part in this fight for Independence. So let me just tell you what this special day means to me.

The sacrifice of the highest form:

For me Independence day means the sacrifice of all that one has for the country. Our great freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the country. Even today we have such people. Our armed forces that are dying so that we can have a peaceful evening with our family are the best examples of modern day freedom fighters. They are today’s martyrs in the true sense.

Independence daytime to respect:

It is a time to respect all that we have in life. We have the best gift from God and that is freedom. To realize the importance of freedom just look at the eyes of caged birds and animals and you will realize how important it is to be free.

Time to give:

For me Independence day is a time to give to the country all that we can. This can be done even in small ways. By doing our bit for the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan or by feeding the less fortunate children and destitute or by teaching the roadside kids we can do our little bit for the country. As they say, charity begins at home. So even if we can do these small things in our locality it can turn out to be a very big thing.

Time to show gratitude:

Independence day is a time to show gratitude to our country. Our country has given us so much. So naturally, for me, Independence Day is time to be thankful to the country for giving us a good life. How can we show our gratitude? This again is possible by being good citizens of this country.
To put it in a nutshell for me Independence Day means being responsible citizens of the country. For me, it means setting an example which our future generations can follow. So, how I would like to celebrate Independence Day? Well, I will surely hoist the flag and stand with pride for the national anthem. But that is not the only way to show your love for the country. I would strive hard to make the significant contribution to the development of my country. I would try in whatever little way I can to make my country proud.

It is not enough if we just think about martyrdom and independence on 15th August. We have to work to make each day an Independence Day celebration. We have to work hard to have a country which is free from corruption, rapes and any other evil that will bring disgrace to our country